Why do physiotherapists and Orthotics & Prosthetics recommend braces?

Are you someone or know someone who has constant pain in their joints, due to age or some injury and after trying several remedies and gulping ten’s of medicine, it just gets better for a time being but still ache when you try to do some work be it as mundane as walking. 

You may have heard physiotherapists and Orthotics & Prosthetics recommend braces, but have you ever wondered why they do so like is there any specific reason or number of reasons behind it?

Well before we get into the reasons why physiotherapists and Orthotics & Prosthetics recommend braces, you should know the meaning of physiotherapists and Orthotics & Prosthetics. 

Who are Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapists are professionals in the sector of health care who study the science of body movements concerning range, physical ability, etc. If you have an injury or lose any physical ability due to any reason, where any doctor recommends you have physiotherapy then physiotherapists are the ones for it. Be it any part of your body, physiotherapists focus on from prevention to rehabilitation. 

What is Orthotics?

The term ‘Orthotics’ can be understood as a customized heel or shoe specifically made when a doctor prescribes. It is simply a brace, support or splint which is generally used in regards to aid, align, prevent, or make functioning easy of the movement of the body parts. In a comprehensive part, orthotics are taken into consideration when a person is facing any discomfort in legs or feet. 

What is Prosthetics?

Sometimes a person doesn’t have a body part i.e missing body part due to any disease, accident or condition from birth, and to fill that empty part, prosthetics are the artificial substitute of the body part. Prosthetics are specifically designed to diagnose the unavailability of function in a human body. 

After a brief understanding of the terms, it is easier to understand why physiotherapists recommend braces. When it comes to pain, it can be bothersome and it gets affected the most when you perform regular activities especially when doing the things you are fond of. 

There are several reasons why physiotherapists recommend braces. With many benefits and reasons, here’s why it is good to wear braces. 

  1. Prevention: As the saying goes “Prevention is Better than Cure”, braces are what prevention is in the case of injury. The most common issue nowadays is knee pain, wearing knee braces act as a measure to prevent further pain. If we say, athletes face knee pain due to heavy exercise or their routine, wearing knee braces helps to hinder their knees from being pushed into the wrong direction or too far or something while in the practice or field. With the help of knee braces, sportsmen add comfort to all the mishappening while being at a game or practice.
    Hence, it is better to wear functional braces in order to prevent and protect the least possible mishappening while at a job or sports. More likely, if you are prone to unannounced twists or aches, keeping a brace around the corner is a seal on to keep the knees healthy.
  2. After Recovery Solution: Healing takes time after an injury and when it is a knee injury, the full functionality often takes quite a time. In respect to recovery, knee braces ensure quick healing. Braces are one of the best ways to stabilize the healing with supporting and protecting factors in order to keep the healing process smooth. If we say, you might want to go out after a recently recovered knee, there is a probable chance the recently recovered knee takes a turn and something worse happens as while indulging in activities and mostly heavy activities, there is a probable chance of mishappening. Hence, it is recommended to wear knee braces in order to prevent any further injury, especially in the case of sportsmen. It also acts as an aid if something goes wrong, the knee brace helps in continuing healing and also is able to prevent a bad fall for further damages. 
  3. Quite a help for Arthritic Knee: Someone who has arthritis in knees, they know how uncomfortable it is moving around and working on day-to-day activities. However, many people and athletes maintain a rough lifestyle which often leads to arthritis. For heavy and rough lifestyles, knee braces act as a blessing in disguise as it ensures support and aid to knee pains and prevents further deterioration. For arthritis, physiotherapists recommend unloader brace which helps in dispersing the weight from knees to stronger areas. It is better to recommend a specialist before going for braces.
  4. Swelling: Minor injuries around the knees often lead to swelling which sometimes leads to major concerns. If we say, there is an injury where extra blood and other fluids combine and cause swelling, it might intensify the pain due to the increase in pressure. The swelling reduction is a must, at an early stage recovery can be done through the elastic bandage. Compression is the key and knee braces ensure a quick compression process for quick healing. There are plenty of options in knee braces in regards to sizes, circumstances, etc you may customize the brace, it is better to buy concerning the situation.

At the time of any minor or major knee injury, knee braces are regarded as support, stabilizing factor, or aid to the knee. As per the research, while considering medical tests or treatment having a better understanding of what physiotherapists might recommend is better.