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Z1 K4 OsteoAlign Knee Orthosis

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    • Suitable functional knee support for cartilage damages and ligament deficiency and Mild to moderate osteoarthritis (OA).  Significant flexible or fixed varus / valgus that requires a corrective or controlling force. A light aluminium-alloy frame with good strength which allows the orthosis to.
    • Choosing The Correct Size— The K4 OsteoAlign Knee Orthosis is available in 4 different varieties of sizes. Please refer pic#2 for the K4 Measurement Taking Instructions and K4 size chart to know your correct size from Small(S) to Extra-large (XL).
    • Structural support to the knee.
    • Pain reliever in most of the OA cases.
    • Easy recovery from injury.
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  • The K4 Osteoarthritis Knee Brace is a custom adaptive OA Brace. It is ideal for active patients as it gives a desired and comfortable fit. It is an adequate and non-interfering remedy countermeasure for patients having mild to moderate OA.
    The difference between advanced orthosis from others is that it moves body weight directly to the calf from the thigh without putting much pressure on the knee joint helping stabilize the knee and stops the increase of deterioration.
  • Selecting The Exact Size : K4 OsteoAlign Knee Orthosis comes in 4 sizes, making it the closest equivalent to a custom fit knee orthosis on the market.
    The measurement instructions can be found in photo #2. After measuring your thigh and calf circumferences, locate your ideal brace size (from Small to XL) on the size chart in photograph #2 and Select the size. We will customize your knee brace according to the size.
  • Unique Allen key-controlled telescoping condyle on a bilateral rigid frame which helps in straightening the knee joint to its natural position.
  • High strength aluminium alloy frame making the orthosis light yet load-bearing.
  • Glide hinges taking the maximum load off the knee joint, providing supreme relief to the knee joint and cartilages.
  • Coating of silicon neoprene mold liners and foam strap paddings for the best grip and promoting suspension of the brace.
  • Neoprene condyles provide the highest comfort and lowest movement of braces.