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Z1 K6 Dezire Knee Orthosis

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      • Having Knee Pain, Ligament Ruptures / Ligament Injuries, Mild to Moderate Osteoarthritis (Oa) Or Sport Injuries Your search for a truly effective and value for money Knee Brace / Knee Orthosis / Rodillera ends here. Z1 K6 Knee Brace is a light weight low profile knee brace, which effectively offloads the knee joint and transfers the body weight from thigh to calf without exerting much pressure on the knee joint.
      • Choose The Correct Size: Please see photograph #2 the measurement instructions. After taking the measurements of thigh and calf circumference, know your perfect brace size (from S1 to S23) from the size chart in photograph #3 and select the same from the dropdown. Please Take a Look At Our Measurement Instructions & Sizing Chart Carefully And Take Your Measurements Based On Our Instructions!
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  • Z1 K6 Dezire Knee Orthosis is a truly custom lightweight low profile PCL Knee Brace, which effectively offloads the knee joint and transfers the body weight from thigh to calf without exerting much pressure on the knee joint.
  • A high-quality stainless steel polycentric geared hinges.  Lightweight and mouldable frame.
  • Neoprene frame liners give the explicit and precise fit and helps in aligning and supporting the knee.
  • Coating of silicon neoprene mold liners and foam strap paddings for best grip and promoting suspension of the brace.
  • Neoprene condyles provide the highest comfort and lowest movement of braces.
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs that lets you flaunt the orthosis during sports activities.

Howard Abraham

These knee braces are adjustable to a wide range of leg sizes. My wife says they look uncomfortable, but they feel nothing but good. I've had some braces that are sweaty. These breathe and I forget I have them on, except that I no longer fear uneven terrain or a trip to the Mall of America.


It is providing good stability am still becoming adjusted to having it on and getting the straps just right but it is definitely take a lot of the pressure off of my knee while walking


I had got a regular hinge brace from PT, and it tore my leg up (cuts and blisters). I have Grade 2 MCL sprain and medial torn meniscus, so needed something alittle more ridged and I did alot of research. Due my work being up on my feet all day and alot lifting and pulling, needed something stable. Once getting this brace, it is a bulky so loose fitting pants should be worn, unless you plane to wear it over. At first, it was tight due to my knee being swallow, and finding the right adjustments I was able to find the right ones. It does take time find what adjustment will work for you, but say it works. I say so, because I am still able to stock and pull pallets. I'm still able to get the job done. For the bulkiness, its actually pretty light. You can wear it skin to brace, but it will get some irritated if you work long hours like I do. I did purchase an under brace sleeve but those didn't work for me, what ended up working is capri leggings and then putting the brace over it. I still have bad days with my knee, but not as many as I did with a neoprene hinged brace had.


I can go up & down stairs without having my knee say “nope”. Awesome! It’s been very comfortable so far. My knee has no pressure whatsoever. This is marvellous to have a day without having my knee “give” somewhere in my day. I can get up easily from the floor wearing this brace. Well worth the price. I haven’t found a negative thing about it. Thank you!

Steve L

Great product, holds the knee properly and only gets slightly loose during engaging sports, as long as you wear it tight Therefore an under padding like a neoprene pull up would be wise to keep the brace in place during physical sports as it tends to slip downwards As for torsion movements not as tight as a true orthopedic At this price it’s a great tool to have as the real ones break during sports like hockey

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