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It's all about how you wear

All you need to know about the perfect knee braces!

Knees are essential and one of the most active parts of our bodies. They not only allow free movement, but they also hold in maintaining almost all of your body weight every time you stand, walk, exercise, or train. Knees do a lot more work than most of us apprehend, which is why it’s recovery from an injury, a surgery, or to rest your knees from an ongoing strain is of most importance. You need your knees even to do basic stuff like cooking food, dressing up and moving around. You just cannot manage without a hindrance free knee movement.

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A rather painful and scary experience is what a knee injury is. The pain in your knee may restrict your strength and capabilities to walk, act, run and engage thoroughly in other activities. Knee braces are regularly prescribed by doctors for patients who have some nature of knee injury. It renders that extra relief and support during recovery. Trust me that’s all your injured knee asks for!


Injured your knee lately, have you? Still, wondering if knee brace is the right device for you or should you consider just therapy and spend tons?


While we believe that the use of knee braces for knee pain has some air of controversy around it. Like a knee brace may limit the flux and movement of your injured knee and likewise the entire body. Breaking the air, that’s not true. Another such rumor includes that the tendons and muscles that support your knee are not exposed to work while you have a knee brace on, and therefore they may have become impaired or might have weakened. That’s not true if you have the perfect Knee Brace. Where to find one? You need to grab your hands on the perfect Knee Braces by Z1 that allow full support as well as full movement so as there is no stiffness and you can flex even while recovering from injury with the Z1 Knee Braces. 

What are knee braces for?


Knee braces assist in providing absolute assistance and stability to your knee. Knee braces work in diverse fashions for diverse cases. Specific impairments require specific sorts of knee braces. In short, knee braces help in restraining certain movements that is likely to make your injury worse.


A knee sprain, torn ACL, arthritis, knee imbalances or knee ache, Z1 Knee braces (check here) help you endure pain and provide the perfect support. Most commonly knee braces help keep the knee aligned.

When should you wear a knee brace?


A knee brace can we worn when you start to experience knee pain or wish to prevent a previous knee injury or wish to prevent injuries during sports wherein there is a higher possibility of a knee injury. Knee braces can be used during the process of recovery. The Z1 Knee Brace provides an adequate amount of movement enabling the patient to gradually reacquire the normal motion. Knee braces are very useful and mostly prescribed by doctors for people suffering from arthritis as it helps a lot in relieving pain. You can and must always consult a doctor if necessary.

How to choose and determine which is the correct knee brace for you?


The determination of how the brace will work mainly depends on the nature of the injury. It also depends on the level of support your knee needs and/or what your doctor prescribes. There are various factors that have to be considered as the type of injury, how much movement your knee should be getting, are you recovering from any past injuries or surgeries, etc.

Knee Braces provide various levels of supports. And one of the most important factors to determine which is the correct knee brace for you is according to the level of support you and your injury need.


Custom knee braces by Z1 are your best option as they are created and designed precisely according to your needs. Now that you have a deeper understanding of knee braces, make sure to discuss it with your therapist or doctor before buying to ensure comprehensive and absolute desired results.


* It’s always advisable to consult your doctor as to which knee brace will be the best suited for your injury/condition.

Where can you buy a knee brace?


Knee Braces can be found in a lot of places like general stores, online, pharmacies, etc. However, you get the best knee braces from Z1 Knee braces. Z1 will make sure that you purchase the most suitable knee brace for your specific condition. Also buying from Z1 will help in guaranteeing higher quality, long-lasting and enduring knee brace for the perfect support your knee needs.