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Z1 K2 Comfortline Knee Orthosis

R. tewarts

United States

This thing is too good to be true. I cannot believe how it has changed my life. It fits very well, but does nee to be adjusted once to twice a day as it slips slightly over an 18 hours day. You only need to unhook 3 straps to take it off and put it back on... and then perhaps readjust once before you start your day. My fitting of the straps appears to be the only issue. Sometimes I fit it too tight and have to loosen it a smidge. Unreal value & quality. Hard to imagine this isn't a $500.00 brace. The neoprene braces reduce blood floor to the knee, which make any recover from surgery or an accident more difficult. The neoprene braces don't offer nearly as much solid bracing as this thing does. I wish I had found this years ago. Hats off to the manufacturer for quality, ease of ordering & shipping and the overall strength of the design. If this brace lasts 3 months, I will buy it again. I've only had it for a week to date and couldn't be happier.


United States

I finally found a knee brace that works! My knee has been destroyed thanks to tumors that grow inside my femur bone. The tumors grow down at the bottom of my femur bone close to my knee and the only way to get them out is to have surgery. I have had the surgery twice now and I am worried the tumor is back (have not been back to my doc yet). I got this brace primarily because I had tickets to see one of my fav bands, U2, a week ago and I had GA tickets. So, I knew I was going to be standing on the floor for hours. I wore the brace for a couple weeks before to see if it was going to work or if I had to sell those tickets and buy seat tickets, knew I was in good hands. Not only did I have a great time then, the next day I had ZERO PAIN and no swelling. Now I know I can wear my brace for anything, including working out, which I have not been able to do for a while now. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I know it may seem like a lot of money but think about what your comfort is worth. I would have paid 4 times the amount, knowing what I know now!

Paul H

United States

I ordered this brace because a friend broke her knee (Tibea Plateau) and we could not get a brace made locally. It came custom fit to the measurements we provided and worked well for stabilizing the knee; it also transferred much of the weight off of her knee and put it safely on her calf muscles. The brace arrived from half way around the world in just over a week. I could have ordered a similar brace locally but the cost was much more and delivery was expected to be a month. This brace has helped my friend get back on her feet, and shortened her recovery time.

A. Holton

United States

Tore my leff knee MCL and PCL 3 months ago and have been wearing a Ossur Rebound PCL custom brace for the last couple of months. However, the Ossur brace is very uncomfortable while sitting at my desk working. I bought the K2 Comfortline for times when I'm sitting around. I have been pleasantly suprised by the comfort and stability it is provided. So much so, that I find myself wearing it everywhere. This is a quality product and it works well. Fitment is great. Just follow the directions for measuring and you will be all set.

Amazon Customer

United States

My knee started twinging like when i busted it... So I priced the don-jons as that is what I wore after my ACL surgery. OUCH! I wanted more than the grocery store or drug store I thought I would try this. It is basically the same as the custom made $$$$ one, as it is custom, double hinged, strapped the same and all the rest. I was stunned. ok..only issue, and I had the a the same issue with the $$$$ one, is they do rub/chafe. They all do. If you can wear the compression sock under it, or nue-skin, or something you will get an ulcer fast. I don't need to wear this all the time any more, but when I am doing risky stuff or want some assurance,I put it on. of This is not a lightweight brace... It may not fit under snug pants, but it keeps your knee safe. I won't say it is comfortable, but it is much better than a tweaked knee Absolutely great for the price, and then some.

K4 Osteo Align Knee Orthosis

K6 Dezire Knee Orthosis


United States

I had got a regular hinge brace from PT, and it tore my leg up (cuts and blisters). I have Grade 2 MCL sprain and medial torn meniscus, so needed something alittle more ridged and I did alot of research. Due my work being up on my feet all day and alot lifting and pulling, needed something stable. Once getting this brace, it is a bulky so loose fitting pants should be worn, unless you plane to wear it over. At first, it was tight due to my knee being swallow, and finding the right adjustments I was able to find the right ones. It does take time find what adjustment will work for you, but say it works. I say so, because I am still able to stock and pull pallets. I'm still able to get the job done. For the bulkiness, its actually pretty light. You can wear it skin to brace, but it will get some irritated if you work long hours like I do. I did purchase an under brace sleeve but those didn't work for me, what ended up working is capri leggings and then putting the brace over it. I still have bad days with my knee, but not as many as I did with a neoprene hinged brace had.