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Why Z1 knee braces?
Customization is the key. In order to meet customer needs and satisfaction, customizing our healthcare products is necessary. All of us are different shapes and sizes, so a customized size is what everyone needs. We specially customize knee braces as per your thigh and calf measurement. It will help you to recover faster. We custom make your braces with durable materials and quality craftsmanship with extra protection and that proper support and comfort to ensure a speedy recovery.
Buy Customized Knee Braces Online
At Z1, you can find a variety of customized knee braces according to customers need with high-quality material at very affordable prices providing online delivery option to buy knee braces worldwide., making the buyers happy and comfortable while using them.
Functional Braces
They provide stability, additional support and a protection card for the knee in case of any injuries
Prophylactic Braces
These braces are used for preventing any injury in case of contact to ligament during sports.
Rehabilitative Braces
These restrict the movement of knee joints in all directions, making them heal quickly in case of any injuries.
Structural support to the knee. Pain reliever in most of the OA cases. Easy recovery from injury.
K2 Comfortline Knee Orthosis
The Effective Solution for the Sportsperson in you!
The Z1 K2 Comfortline is an utterly comforting, light in weight and an easy to use knee brace. It renders rigid and durable support to your knee ensuring quick healing. The Z1 K2 Knee Orthosis fits ideally onto the leg and takes the shape of the leg instantly. It is an everyday wear knee orthosis that provides complete stability and support for efficient aid and relief from sports injuries, ligament injuries and mild osteoarthritis.
K4 OsteoAlign Knee Orthosis
The Treatment your Knee needs!
The Z1 K4 OsteoAlign Knee Brace is a custom made OA Brace best suited for active patients as it offers a convenient and appropriate fit. It is an effective and non-invasive remedy for patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis. What sets this offloading orthosis apart from others is that it effectively transfers body weight from thigh to calf without exerting much pressure on the knee joint and thus helps stabilize the knee and prevents further deterioration.
K6 Dezire Knee Orthosis
The Treatment your Knee needs!
The Z1 K6 Dezire Knee Orthosis is extremely handy in making you feel complacent because of it’s lightweight and highly durable aluminum frame. It is very likely a wonderful product for all those who have pain in the knee as it is phenomenal in providing the coveted support and aid.